See lists registered by clicking on unsubscribe link ???


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A doubt ... you can display all lists by clicking unsubscribe link a campaign, that subscriber can see your subscriptions.

In this way only remains subscribed to the list or lists concerned.

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I am not sure what exactly you mean, BUT if you are subscribed in LISTA A and in LIST B , then you unsubscribe from LIST A, you still remain subscribed in LIST B, each list is totally separate.
Forgive my English ... I only speak Spanish

Thank you for your quick response, is a curiosity some programs incorporate the output of all lists but are indepedientes or in your user profile subscription lists where your email and can handle to enable or disable communications from these lists from a common area .

Thank you for your answer ... your program I liked it

Aha! I see now what you mean, you want to see in which lists you are already subscribed when you view your profile as a subscriber, and maybe also the ability to unsubscribe from those lists as well. This has been requested before i believe but it didn't gain traction since you could achieve the same by using the API.
Thanks again for your help, I think would be an interesting option for the native application without resorting to a api to retrieve that data

Thanks .... I'll keep looking at your application

Related, is it possible to use 'manage your subscription' instead of 'unsubscribe', so the user could change email, unsubscribe from all lists, this list, change frequency, personal details, etc?
@frm.mwz - not at this point, though this should be implemented. It poses some issues though given that multiple lists can have various custom fields, so in this case, what personal details you edit ? Another thing, what if an email is part of multiple customer accounts, do we show the lists from all accounts? Is this "okay" to do ?
Only show what relates to that particular subscriber from that particular list.
Maybe leave this part, re changing details, for later, first give the option to change email address and unsubscribe and change frequency of email, and perhaps other feedback options (eg, what would you like to see/improved, etc; see other providers in their forms), as these are good for the beginning to have on the 'manage subscription form'. This 'manage subscription form' should have an unsubscribe option (not the first or last option in terms of design/placement), so the form can be used in lieu of the simple, one click unsubscribe. This way, you can adjust to the customer's wishes or even offer a bonus/gift, but keep the customer (as acquisition costs ten times more than retention).
Try to avoid showing all lists from all accounts, as the customer is already in change mode when on that form.
@frm.mwz - I think i know what you mean, will try to come up with a simple solution that we can build on later if we need to add new stuff.
If you could make that a top priority, just after the 'manual subscription approval', that would be great (of course all after fire fighting)!