Search Subscribers (Non-PHP implementation)


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I am implementing search subscribers via mailwizz api. Both (1) email search and (2) email search in all lists yields a 404 not found error even though I can verify that the email address in indeed present in the List in Mailiwizz dashboard.

status code: 404
errorL: {"status":"error","error":"Page not found."}


status code: 404
errorL: {"status":"error","error":"Page not found."}

What am I missing here?

Note: I cannot use Mailiwizz PHP-SDK since we're not using PHP. I can only reverse engineer the SDK, It wouold be awesome if the Mailiwizz docs is kind of generics REST documentation.
@Ronnie - url hashes are unique per campaign, so they are the same for all subscribers. You can get them by looking at the web version of a campaign in behalf of a customer.
In a url like:
the hash is 1a4fac8f6b25a2a86b7df484ca19d4f144eafad8
Noted. @twisted1919 . I have another question. I'm creating Emai Templates via the API
I'm sending the post body with name and content, this is a sample response:
I've checked that the email template is created in mailwizz however the template content is not what I have provided. In my post body the content is html strings. Does it need to be escaped or something?
@Ronnie - the html template you provide has to be a full template with starting with the <html> tag and ending with </html>
Did you do that?