Scheduling Campaigns Error (v1.3.6.0)



I've just scheduled a campaign to be delivered at 11:00 AM but here's
what i see after saving it...


It shows another thing under the "Send at" column (tested it multiple times).

Comments (Don't know if they can help or not):

- This campaign was created from another one (copy), but has been edited.
- I'm using the latest version of MW.

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Hmm, might be an issue because of your account timezone? Did you set the correct timezone in account settings?
That part works fine.

If i update the campaign, it shows this ok (the date of the "last update" at the confirmation step of a campaign matches with the date of the update).

If you take a look at the image, it seems to be taking the value of the "Date Added" (with a diff of 1 minute).
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Thanks, if you release an update or something for this, please also update here as i'm following this thread (+ we can mark it as solved).
@Diego - Will take a closer look at this over the weekend, doesn't seem to be high priority right now.

Would like to up this priority
as it is a key feature that time zone can be adjusted (and system time and local time are rightly displayed; right now it seems "Local time" is right, but the "System time" is calculated the opposite way, in my case, 1h minus instead of plus, it could be that the time zone and/or summer time is read wrongly)
that campaigns' timing matches (as per thread above), please.

∞ thx :)
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