Same Customer - Different limit with different DS


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Hy guys,
for one of my customer in warm up staging i need to find a solution to differentiate the sending speed for some domain .
Example :
domain1 : --> 2 mail/minutes
domain2 : --> 30 mail/minutes
If i set a "pause after send" limit , this setting impacts on both domain ( cause domain2 need to wait domain1 finish sending/processing ).
The cron jobs ( with pcntl enabled ) find the working process for domain1 and domain2 need to wait .

If i set "hourly" limit , it send all emails and don't respect the time delay.
There is a way to set a "minute limit" for each DS without impacting in cronjob for other ?

PS: all settings must be done from MW and not from MTA .

what you can do is create 2 smtp servers. Deny all on 1 and allow and deny all on 2 and allow

In each you can set wait time value as required and max email per connection to 1.