running multiple smtp providers for send campaigns

Jon Kopp

I'd like to run several providers for one customer (i.e., mailgun, elasticemail, sparkpost,, etc.) which switches to a new server after every couple hundred emails sent or so then cycles through them all until the campaign send is complete. If the campaign sends to a list of 20,000 subscribers, I want the 5 different servers which are sending from the same domain, to send a total of 4,000 emails.

What are my options when it comes to this? Can someone direct me to some documentation so I can start setting this up?

Not sure if it matters but I also have several VPS servers at my disposal if that can help with this scenario.

For SMTP providers, you do not require additional setup as there is plugin to use within mailwizz.

For VPS smtp, you would need to create various sub domains in cpanel for your main server. And apply the respective DKIM, SPF.
@Jon Kopp - There's no need for any special extension, mailwizz can help you with this already with what you find in the core.
Look into customer groups, you have all the answers there.