Rookie To E-Mail Marketing - - - Looking For Mentor


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Hi Guys,

First and foremost, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm new to email marketing and I'm spending hours to learn the solution to basic problems, so any help is appreciated.

I have many issues that I'm facing right now. My top 3 problems are

#1 - IP Warmup Plan
I don't understand Mailwizz explanation 100% = It is beyond underwritten, so I'm applying the concept manually.

#2 - SMTP Rotation ==> Spam
Why do my SMTP servers (I have 4 servers) get 10/10 when I send from CPanel but I get 4/10 When I send out of Mailwizz?

#3 - Bounce Server ==> Spam
My bounce server is KILLING my email deliverability

Is it possible to get on a phone call with someone? I 100% need a mentor.
I literally need 1 hour dedicated to me max :D
I got 90% of everything figured out, just the 10% is causing me severe headaches that prevent me from sleeping
Just like ya'll, I got a family to provide for as well :/


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