Restored MYSQL After that Mailwiz showing Update Option


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Hi twisted1919,​

My database crashed and after that we restored the database. when we are hitting the backend URL that goes to update page backend/index.php/update/index and no other tab are working.

and when seeing in frontend is showing error
  • It seems this application does not use a license key which suggests it actually is a nulled application which is illegal to use.
    Keep in mind that nulled apps contain backdoors and exploits that can allow full access to this server.
    Please make sure you install a proper copy of the application as soon as possible. Once you do this, this message will go away.
    Thank you.
  • ERROR 503

and when i am seeing in the PHPMyAdmin all records are available.

For Your Reference attached the screenshot.

Please help us to relive my application.


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    Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 7.19.17 PM.png
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