'Require approval' turned off, makes no difference.


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Hey guys.

I've been using Mailwizz for a year now, I'm a pretty happy customer... However one thing is driving me absolutely bonkers....

I have created a customer group, added them, Require approval = NO.
> It still asks for approval anyway....

Settings - Customers - Campaigns tab, Require approval - NO.
> It still asks for approval anyway....

What am I doing wrong? I've fiddled with this setting SO much, but it just ALWAYS forces admin approval..

The customer you're talking about is in a group, right?
if so, it might sound silly, but could you go and save the group settings one more time and then try again without doing anything else?

If the customer is not in a group, or the issue persist, open a ticket with backend url and login and customer name so we try it.
@twisted1919 Thank you - Yes, at first I edited just the customer, but that didn't work so I created a group, moved the customers to that group, and edited the group settings, still no dice. I have just saved the group settings again, alas, still the same.

It's only ever me who uses the application, maybe I should also check in the database config to manually check this value?

I assumed it happened to everyone and was just a bug, but I guess it is supposed to work!