Reporting of hard bounces?



My current mailwizz seems to be reporting only on blocks/soft bounces. However, when it comes to hard bounces, I don't see any in reports. I do see them come through in my zimbra mailbox. But nothing in the mailwizz analytics. Because they are not reported, I can't suppress them in my list and so my entire delivery suffers.

How can I resolve it so that both hard and soft bounces are include din the reporting? And, is there a way to differentiate between the two in the report?
All seems fine. It was a temporary issue in the resolving between mwz and my smtp. Will update the thread if I spot something new.
For me, it would be interesting to find out if anyone else is having problems sending emails to with mailwizz (we send a lot to them). Normally, problem usually is the blacklisting of the sending server (not the smtp). But there could be other cases because our in-house mailer doesn't seem to be having issues.
Ok, I double checked and I am having issues with Sendgrid. I don't see any bounces from Sendgrid in our Mailwizz. I see them in Sendgrid, but not in Mailwizz.
Hi guys,

I've tried to look further into it but got issues with the Sendgrid support. For some reason, they blocked my access to the account. This is quite frustrating given that they neither specify the reason nor has there been anything to be concerned about from our side.