Report Abuse

Jesse James

Hey guys,

I was wondering if theres anyway we can have a tag [Report-Abuse]
that get the subscriber ID and campaign ID
once the users click on the [Report-Abuse] url it takes them to a form to report abuse.

and from the admin end we can see the users responsible for that.

Please help me
I think that this can be solved differently.
You can insert link in the email footer called 'Report abuse' and direct them to a page with a form, eg. such as below


In unprocessed the header of the email, you will find all the information you need.
For me, this solution works.
I see, thank your help.
I saw this website using is defiantly
this is the URL I grabbed from an email I got:
http:// client . mailminion . com/abuse/abuse.php?broadcast_id=[CAMPAIGN_UID]&subscriber_id=[SUBSCRIBER_UID]
then you can pickup a reason and submit a report.
and I got an other question: I want the user to be able how many spam they generated on their campaigns
and on the admin area, the admin will be able to see the total spam complaints generated by users (whether the spam generated from the Report Abuse form or FBL )

Please help me out :(
Thank you very much