removing @ top level domains

Jesse James

Hey guys,

I got around 100k mixed email address. I want to separate the TLD from that list. I tired using segmentation. but am sure am doing it wrong because the results are not what I expected, check the image attached on how I did it.

I really don't have to use MailWizz, if you guys know any other solution that can help me separate the @ TLD from the GI, would appreciated if you guys share the love.

@Jesse James - you could use excel to achieve this then import the csv file? i usually do my list editing client side (My end) before importing to mailwizz, That way each folder that i save the csv's to get notes.txt files in them with detailed notes of what i have done and reminders for the next time i do my list management.
Thanks man for the help! I have managed my way to segment the list through mailwizz,

P.S. Nice service you got for mailwizz, you guys have a plugin or code that add the ability to the costumer to import their list, however they will not be able to send any emails till the admin approves it ?