Remove Unsubscribers from new list


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I want to import a new list (let's call it "list 2") into the system, but it most likely includes some of the unsubscribed users from another list (list 1), that's already in the system.

How do I either:
1. Combine the 2 lists without adding the unsubscribed users from "list 1"
2. Remove the unsubscribed users in "list 1" from "list 2"

Import the second list, then go to the first list and export the unsubscribes (you can do this from /customer/index.php/lists/all-subscribers, see the filters options in page ), then go to second list and take a bulk action from source to upload the unsubs from first list and unsub them from second list as well.
Sweet, I managed to export the unsubs from the first list.
Now to take the bulk action against the second list.

One more question, somewhat unrelated to this thread, but didn't want to create a new one since I feel like it'll be a quick answer.

If I add new subscribers from list 1 to list 2 and there are duplicates. Will the system automatically ignore the duplicates or do I have to take a separate action in order to remove the duplicates.

@Ovi - The way it works is that each list will contain unique subscribers, but you can have same email address in multiple lists.