Remove Fields From Registration Form


hi I don't know that one :) but in backend =>setting => customers => registration you have some options maybe someone else can help you


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Why would anyone wanna enter the phone, DOB for signing up for an email marketing platform?
For legal reasons, of course. Nowadays GDPR must be taken very serious, you can't allow people under a certain age to join your site, this is why we need a dob. Phone is not mandatory as far as i can remember.
Would I be able to have it removed from a dev without breaking stuff from future updates?
Some fields are required and the platform expects to get them, so it will be tricky to go around this.


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Waking this thread up again since this is actually kind of a problem. :/

Most often, customers are companies and not individuals, and the forced age restriction becomes irrelevant, especially if you (like me) don't let customers register from a site but rather through manual agreements.

Also, now with the subaccounts feature, forcing my customers to specify birth dates for their subaccounts actually creates a potential breach of GDPR since there is not always a legal ground for them to process this information.

Please, could we ask you to make this field optional?