Remove Company tags in Campaign Settings?


When creating campaigns before sending we needed to enter the tags unsubscribe and company right?
Is there a way to proceed the setup without being stop by the script when we don't put the tags?
I'd rather put just the unsubscribe tag.
Or better yet is there a way to disable Company information for specific groups? This way when they create campaigns they don't need to put the company's tag in message.
To do that you will have to edit the core application code, in most parts of the world including the senders company/organisation name/details is a legal requirement.
@clever1 - See Backend -> Settings -> Campaigns -> Template Tags. You can disable them from there and you can later create email footers either from backend -> settings -> customers -> campaigns or from the group settings following same path.

@Rob - You are 100% correct and everybody should include those tags in the footer of the email and that's why mailwizz forces them by default.
However, given the flexibility mailwizz can offer, you can disable that requirement from the email template so that you automatically append it to the email template via email footers.