[Release] MailWizz - v1.3.5.8


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Mailwizz is now available for download, you can get it from your Envato account or Mailwizz customers area.

This is a maintenance release, don't expect too many new features.
Special thanks goes to @Sebastian for pointing a possible security issue with the file manager, that alone being the reason for releasing this version, therefore, please update to latest version or disable the file manager till you get a chance to update.

With this fix i managed to also merge a few other bug fixes and small enhancements, as follows:
--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version - 2015-09-06
--- -------------------------------------------
[ADD] - Added [TAG:filter:md5] and [TAG:filter:sha1]
[ADD] - Added ability to exclude IP addresses from url and/or click tracking
[ADD] - Added frontend_list_subscribe_at_transaction_{start|end} action hooks
[ADD] - Added frontend_list_update_profile_{before|after}_transaction, frontend_list_update_profile_at_transaction_{start|end} action hooks
[ADD] - Added frontend_list_update_profile_{before|after}_transform_list_fields filter hooks
[ADD] - Added new core extension, recaptcha for public forms
[ADD] - Added campaigns_get_common_tags_search_replace filter
[ADD] - Subscribers API endpoint now returns status/source and ip address
[BUG] - Blacklist fix for nested calls
[BUG] - Fix for template parser where images with white spaces in names would fail embeding
[BUG] - Importing templates from gallery would not import the image as well
[BUG] - Customer quota count failure under certain cases
[BUG] - Fixed CKEditor extension which would allow uploading PHP files when the file manager was enabled
[CHG] - Campaign copy will now redirect to update campaign screen instead of campaigns index
[CHG] - Lock name for FBL/Bounce commands has been changed to be simply the hash of the file path to avoid collisions
[ENH] - Export include source / ip address and addition date in UTC format
[ENH] - Bounce servers better connection handler

Inside the archive you can get the upgrade instructions or you can as well follow this video:

Please make sure you backup all your files and database before running the update.
Also, if you have a heavy database, make sure you run the command line update rather than updating from the web interface.

If you get any issue with the update, please open a support ticket describing the issue.