Regex Blacklist to block foreign (non-US) domains and spam/abuse/postmaster


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I don’t know if anyone else needs this, I figured I would share it just in case.

I created a simple list of all TLDs that are country specific (ccTLDs) like .fr, .uk and so on. I also added in some specific email usernames I want to avoid like spam@, abuse@, postmaster@ and so on.

This list can be pasted into the Backend -> Settings -> Email Blacklist -> Regex box and saved.

It isn’t perfect of course, a lot of non-US people use .com, .net and .org . And it doesn’t do anything about all of the new gTLDs like .travel and the 700+ others that they seem to be creating.

But it does a good enough job of keeping my list clean of the most obvious non-US emails.


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