redirect to the site?


In your system, a redirect mechanism must be implemented.
- In the letter I put a link to the example of my group in the social network********.
Setting is worth tracking the domain, but I still put a direct link - it's bad.

/// I found an output technically awful but effective, I changed the page to update the profile to a redirect and sent the user to the URL of the subscriber (a unique link is obtained through the server of the sender's server - which is important for server rotation) - but it does not come out and is not convenient and besides does not work at tests.

Here are my settings
Configuring Tracking
The letter comes
- As far as I remember, tracking does not change the tracker when servers are rotated - which increases the burden on the main server

How do you - share your experience?
Assign a tracking domain to each sending server and tracking domain will rotate with sending servers as you want
here the picture did not turn into a tracker
it did not load correctly, but let me know that it does not wrap all the links that do not have CNAME on the main server?
-------------------------- and this is very important - I need to find a solution. ---------------------------------
all public servers including gmail and they can read CNAME. -- ahhh! - - - - > CNAME - - - - > Mail Wiz this tracking design quickly reduces the reputation of tracker link.
/// we can't exclude the tracker by cname-that is, they all have 1 final landing link.
this is due to the fact that changing the domain on which the license is time-consuming. As you can tracker be brought outside the mail wizz for example on a subdomain?
---------------------- you don't really have that problem? Reputation-CNAME tracker
I'm not sure about Google but I know (this is the mail system of the Russian Federation) - is able to do and calculate reputation. I will win this high-rated esmtp-but this is a stupid decision as the letters can be different and can not always be noticed.