Recurring campaigns do not use filter 'console_command_send_campaigns_before_send_to_subscriber'


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I have a recurring campaign which I am querying an external API at time of send. This works great for normal campaigns which send once. For recurring campaigns, the 'console_command_send_campaigns_before_send_to_subscriber' filter doesnt seem to be used on subsequent mailings beyond the first.

Is this a bug or what is the logic behind this? Is there a way to execute this filter on every subsequent send for recurring campaigns?
That hook is executed each time an email goes out, from the send-campaigns command.
If for you it doesn't execute for any reason, check your code, that's where the issue is.
Ah, and a little more info.
A recurring camapign is just a regular campaign. The trick is when this campaign ends, mailwizz clones it and sets another send date, that's all there is to it, so in an extend, it is a regular campaign.