Recording number of opens in main data base as a reference point


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Hi Professor MailWizzers,
I am sure this is possible and simple but I need your help, please

In a list, we all record the information on a client or contact
EG 1st Name | Last Name | Company | email etc. etc.

I want to automatically and permanently record activities in a client record and increment those records following subsequent activity.
So selected campaign results are written to the main database

I would like to record the total number of opens by a client and then record interest (opens) in a specific email campaign

So on data export of a list, I would have these fields
1st Name | Last Name | Company | email | Total Opens | Campaign 1 | Campaign 2 | Last Open

If the client opened Campaign 1 but not Campaign 2
the results would read
Total Opens 1
Campaign 1 1
Campaign 2 0
Last Open would be the date and time of the last email opened

Thank You


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You can create a custom field for each campaign (you cannot do that automatically, you will need to do it by hand). Then in your Campaign setup step, if you click the 'Show more options' button, you will have this option where you can do something like in this screenshot:

Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 12.35.31.png