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Hi, could you please give me your insight on what settings should I choose to achieve optimal performance (sending) speed without the risk of breaking the server down?

I am using DigitalOcean droplet 1 GB RAM, 1 core, 2 TB transfer, CentOS 6.5 x32, 30 GB SSD

I was using Sendy on this droplet, with 90 mails per second set up in the main settings - the real performance was 40K mails / hour. I was not using multiple sending.

I am usually sending about 200 K mails once in a week, but it will increase probably to 1 000 000 mails/ week, for which I am thinking of getting more powerful droplet.

Could you please help me to set up properly the mailwizz sending options based on the information given above? Memory limit, campaigns at once, subscribers at once, send at once, pause, emails per minute.

The thing is, I was not able to set this kind of options in Sendy and now I have no idea what is the optimal solution that is both fast and safe.

Thank you.
@Ymmies - Default settings should be safe for all cases, since by default, sending is pretty slow to avoid blacklisting and all those bad things. So start with those, see how fast you get.
If that doesn't cut it, step 2 is to set:
Send at once to 0
Pause to 0
Emails per minute to 0
Change server at to 0
This should make things faster.
If the above is not enough, step 3 is to simply try and increase the number of subscribers at once easily till you get better results.
If that isn't enough, then try enabling PCNTL in settings, this usually should be damn fast.

Related to the server, i think you should at least double the RAM.

I am running on a Digital ocean box 2GB ram 2 cores linked up to Mandrill app using PCNTL in settings even if i put all settings to 0 i cannot get it to send mail faster than 400 emails an hour O_O I saw someone that claimed to be getting 400 a second but i can find the post. I would love to know how to make it faster from a DO server. If you manage to get it to work at good speeds i would love to find out what you did to achieve it. I was also a sendy user and did get faster speeds. BTW i'm not bashing mailwizz here i think it's the server of DO network but i cannot work out what the issue is.