Receiving [Message clipped] in Google Email

For all the Gmail users my messages are being received with a "[Message clipped] View entire message". In doing some research it appears that this happens when the HTML portion of the email message exceeds 102kb (

When I create a new Template and look at the Source there is a TON of CSS and other code in the <head> section. Even when I try and remove it, it comes back when switching between Source and normal editing. I also have tried all the combinations of Inline CSS and Minify with no luck.
Well this comes down to each email template that you're using.
If you remove it and save the template i don't see how it would come back again. If it does, maybe create a new one with copy/paste without that much css in the <head> section.
@Jamie Steigerwald
This looks almost as if some bulky mso outlook code had made it into it. Have you tried code reduction by saving it in a html/css editor (sometimes cut and paste from preview editor #1 into the preview editor #2 does the trick, as it only takes the displayed elements' code, not the whole source, ie reduction)?
If you watch the video above you will notice that this is happening on a new template and even when I delete the code it comes right back when switching between code view and normal edit mode.

I agree with you typically I either only paste from a text editor or I paste my own html/css.
When looking through the video, it reminded me that many email templates try to be compatible with most email programs/viewers/services and hence put the css inline or in the header, so this does make sense. If it is too much, I guess a simpler template might do. Some of the code however, is your base64 coded pictures that then make the email bulky, and not displayed in full by some viewers. You could just link to them and have them loaded as users choose, reducing load on email, servers, users, etc. Comes down to personal choice ;)
@frm.mwz I am not trying to be combative with you, but, I don't think you understand my issue. I can't create a message without that code in it using the CKeditor. Even when I remove it, it comes back. I don't want it in there and they only way I can get rid of it currently is to disable the CKeditor.
@Jamie Steigerwald
Just trying to help.
Please correct me, if I am are saying, even if you load no template, and no email, you already have all that code as shown in the video inside CKeditor? Then maybe there is some default setting that makes CKeditor load it? Or, send me your template, then I can reproduce the situation and tell you if I can provide a fix.

When I switch into CKeditor, use inline css on or off, minify on or off, I do not have that issue. So it could be your template.
Hope this helps ;)
@Jamie Steigerwald - I tried doing the same and i couldn't. In my case, if i simply remove the style block from ckeditor, it stays removed.
What browser are you suing? I tried in chrome. Do you have any form filling extensions enabled on the browser?