RBL checks etc


Hey, how do the RBL checks work?

Do they actually get ran against the emails themselves. Are they ran on import or on send? This seems like an awesome feature if a person could get the right checking databases in there. It could virtually guarantee no honey pots or spam traps.

So ideas on best use are greatly appreciated.

Sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next release. (Sorry, couldn't help myself) :)


Have a look in the file /apps/common/models/EmailBlacklist.php at
public static function _checkEmailAgainstDnsbls($blacklisted, $email, CList $blacklistedAt)
basically there are a few lines at the start as in:
// since
// this causes more problems than it actually fixes.
return $blacklisted;
So this functionality currently is disabled. You might remove those 3 lines of code to be able to use it in the app, BUT the reason why i have disabled it is because it is damn slow, if usually importing 10k emails takes 10 minutes, with this enabled could literally take 10 hours.
The only way to make this fast is to have your own cache dns server and to only check at a single blacklist, say zen.spamhaus.org.

Please note that this might even be removed soon, i had enough with it, so if you use it, it's all on you :D