Randomly sending stuck at x % - app log: Cant find valid server?


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Since I started playing around bit with hourly quota, lowering my speed a lot basically. My campaigns will suddently become stuck at sending x %... If I manually pause, and start again it will work.. For some reason.

I've seen this error on many of my campaigns:

2018/12/22 14:13:01 [error] [application] Cannot find a valid server to send the campaign email, aborting until a delivery server is available!Campaign UID: yf690kw2nve98

Just to make it clear, the delivery servers are still present on the same customer. I've never had these issues when my hourly quota was a lot higher.
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@AdBuddies - This is explained if your delivery server has a certain hourly quota which is easily reached. Once reached, mailwizz stops taking that server into consideration until next hour.
Previously you didn't get the issue because your hourly quota was much higher and never consumed during an hour.