quote/job for integrating Adstation by Adknowledge


I am not sure if this is possible but I think it might be since Adstation has a flexible API and a large number of ESPs claim to support Adstation.

But if anyone has had success integrating AdStation with Mailwizz I would like to know if they are able to do the same for me and if so how much would you charge for setting it up.


Can you provide me more details about that, so we can try how to integrate it with MW.

Thank You.
Here is a bit from their Help/API info center, maybe you can get something out of it in terms of what is needed for the APIs to work together. Let me know if you have any questions.

"The Publisher Platform API is RESTful. All API URLs will be prefixed with an optional module name, followed by an api/resource name, an optional ID (corresponding to the resource), an optional set of param/value pairs, and the data format type, expressed as either a "type" querystring parameter, or as a file extension. For example, a call to:


...will return the user record for user_id = 19, as an XML document.

All parameters can be passed as /param/value pairs in the URL, as querystring parameters, or (when applicable) as POST body parameters. Some APIs will support JSON- or XML-encoded documents in the POST body

The HTTP method used will determine the action on a given resource:

  • GET (default) - query record(s) based on a resource. For example /user/19 will return the complete user record corresponding to user_id=19 assuming you have access to this user. /user will return all user users your user has access to.
  • POST - will update or create a record. For example, a POST to /user will create a new user based on the POST parameters provided (email,password). A POST to /user/19 will update the record for user_id=19 with provided parameters.
  • DELETE - will delete a record at a given resource. A DELETE sent to /user/19 will remove the record for user_id=19.
  • PUT - will replace a record or range of records
HTTP methods can be overridden by setting the _method querystring parameter to the desired verb (in uppercase).

Most Publisher Platform API calls require authentication. This is accomplished by providing either a token parameter, or both an email and password parameter. Calls using an email and password are strongly discouraged, however. A token can be retrieved from the system by making an SSL call to the profile API, using the email and password.

Response Types
At this time, we support five different response types:

  • json (default) - Javascript Object Notation
  • xml - XML document. Please note that the <record> element is used for dataset records.
  • csv - Comma-delimited text (2-dimensional datasets only)
  • xls - Microsoft Excel 2003 (2-dimensional datasets only)
  • png - Google Charts API-rendered graph
Response Structure
Except for dataset response types (CSV, text, Excel), each response may contain the following elements:
  • status - 1=success,0=error. Always provided.
  • messages - Either 0 (if no messages), or an array/recordset, describing result of call, and containing any other system messages that need to be provided to the user. Usually provided, and always provided when status=0. Each element/record contains two fields:
    • type - Integer, type of message. 0=status (default),1=General,2=Alert,3=Alarm,4=Terms
    • message - String, value of message
    • id - Optional, Integer. Unique ID of message.
    • is_modal - Optional, 1=yes,0=no. If 1, message should be conspicuously displayed, preferably in a modal context.
  • data - The returned dataset. Provided with GET calls.
  • time - POSIX timestamp, corresponding to the age or "freshness" of the data returned (and not the time of the query)

For example, a call to /profile/user_id/19.xml may return the following record:

  • <xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8">
  • <response>
  • <status>1</status>
  • <data>
  • <user_id>19</user_id>
  • <token>758f3592a4a9b04ae2cabab13c8f2282</token>
  • <email>foo@example.com</email>
  • <user_active>1
  • <create_date>2011-05-01 08:42:19</create_date>
  • <last_login>2011-06-01 13:11:57</last_login>
  • <last_login_ip></last_login_ip>
  • </user_active></data>
  • <messages>
  • <record>
  • <type>2</type>
  • <id>47</id>
  • <message>Reporting will be unavailable on Tuesday from 10pm CST until midnight</message>
  • </record>
  • </messages>
  • </response>
I can also arrange a session where you can login to the adstation site so you can check it out for yourself. This might be easier
Sorry for digging old posts but I'm also very interested in getting MW integrated with AdStation API.