QUICK HELP Needed: API Update Script

Alex Read

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I have the Formidable forms API so can send data via that and it works nicely to add entries to a subscriber list. https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/formidable-api/

I can't update entries in my Mailwhizz subscriber list if they do another action on the site.
All I need is a URL to send the updated data to. Maybe a different notification URL?

Mailwhizz Support Said:
The update url is very different, it does not work like the subscribe url, because the update url must contain the subscriber unique id in it, and you can only get that via the api.

There's still a way, you can have the plugin post to a certain url of yours, a .php file and in that file you call mailwizz's api and create/update.

1) Have them integrate with mailwizz by using the API as shown at https://github.com/twisted1919/mailwizz-php-sdk/tree/master/examples

Task Required:
I need to be able to post via API to an URL and have it update the existing entry.

Can you help? Send me a PM please.