Question marks in CKEditor


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This is something where i have yet to even produce the error thus the fix is missing.
This posts exists because a single customer seems to have this issue, and if one does, it's possible for others to have it.

Mailwizz uses CKEditor through an extension, which has the files in apps/common/extensions/ckeditor and the assets in apps/common/extensions/ckeditor/assets/ckeditor.
This is important because the configuration file, located in apps/common/extensions/ckeditor/assets/ckeditor/config.js contains all the directives for the editor and when there are issues with the editor, that is the file you have to edit and add/remove directives from it to see if it fixes your problem.
If you plan to update ckeditor, download latest version from their website, and upload the files over the existing ones from the apps/common/extensions/ckeditor/assets/ckeditor folder so that the new files override the old ones BUT without the config.js file. You'll have to keep the original configuration file from mailwizz.

You will notice that whatever changes you do in config.js will not be reflected into the editor, and that is because, all the files from apps/common/extensions/ckeditor/assets/ckeditor are copied in a web accessible location only once when you install or update mailwizz.
For the /backend area, those files are published in /backend/assets/cache folder, for /customer area, those files are published in /customer/assets/cache folder.
So, in order to make the changes visible, you will have to delete the contents of those cache folders so that the assets will be republished.
Otherwise, you will have to go in a page where ckeditor is inserted, switch to view the page source, look from where the config.js file is loaded and do the changes in that location directly, but keep in mind that when mailwizz updates, your changes will be lost, that's why you should use the above method instead of this one.
Well, this should be pretty simple, from an extension that you create for this purpose, you can hook in ckeditor like:
Yii::app()->hooks->addFilter('wysiwyg_editor_global_options', function($options){
     $options = CMap::mergeArray($options, array(
        'width' => 500,
        'height' => 500, 
     return $options;
Instead of width and height, you can pretty much specify whatever options ckeditor accepts (see it's documentation).

This plugin is part of the next release, you'll have it in the core.
Meanwhile if you need it, you'll have to go to a page where ckeditor is running, view the page source and locate where the files are loaded from, then knowing this, install the addon as described in it's description.