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HI @twisted1919
We have make and installed a custom theme. On our test installation we updated mailwizz, but some elements, especially the dashboard, aren't working correctly anymore. Is there something specific we have to modify or check in our theme to make it work with the new version and future updates of mailwizz?
What will happen to diagrams in the dashboard?
Have you checked with your browser tools to see if you get any javascript error or missing css files/ etc, from your theme ?
@Niko - well, i think i know what the issue is...Your theme is based a lot on the application dasboard functionality, but since we have removed that, all the javascript code that would create that dashboard is now gone, thus your theme just show those loading states.
Your only chance is to take a application, take the DashboardController from it and use it in your theme and also take the dashboard.js file and use it in your theme.
However, my advice is to simply adapt to the new look of the app.