Question about using multiple SMTP servers


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So, obviously SPF is extremely important for deliverability.

Let's say I wanted to use Sendgrid for my own deliverability, then for my clients I want to use elastic email.

(Because I take good care of my sending reputation, and while I value deliverability for my clients, I don't want my own reputation to potentially be affected by others sending habits)

Would the best option here to have one sending domain such as pointing to Sendgrid, then have an entirely different domain like pointing to elastic email?

(Because from what I've learned, subdomains are no different, all subdomains co-relate to the main domains reputation)

From what I'm aware of, trying to use two different delivery services and having more than one SPF record per domain greatly affects deliverability.

Is my thinking here right?

From what I know, you can use multiple sending delivery services / domains on one account then assign them to an individual customer (my own customer account) then have another service for all customer accounts (my clients).