Question about resending confirmation email


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Is there anyway for the users to trigger resending the confirmation email to their email addresses if they think that they never received one previously?

@KenKen - As @SQLIK says, in backend > misc > transactional emails, you can resend every email that has been already sent, so you can go there and try resending.
That would be a good feature to add, as a setting for the list confirmations, to auto send reminders, perhaps up to three times (no more)? I think mailman has something like that.
The problem with this is that the most common failure candidate is actually not the failure itself but the email going in the spam folder, thus in this case you can retry as many times as you wish, the result is always the same (this is actually the definition of madness/crazyness, lol).
Exactly, trying the same/wrong way repeatedly (just as banging the head against the wall), without any change, is, let's sit back a little...and come up with something (an evolutionary step(py)) closer to a solution...which could change the message/sender/etc, of that confirmation message (or even the channel, but this is not applicable here right now). So, if the confirmation message, after a while, say a day (1st msg), then three (2nd msg), then a week (3rd msg) was spinned in content, sender, and other features (html, links, etc), then perhaps it could go through. I understand that such elaborate features are not the top priority, but...there might be a way ;)
Hi i updated mw to new version but still don't know how to resend confirmation email to ppl who subscribed to the list. Could u please help me?