Question About Licenses


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Hey :)
First of all, loving MailWizz so far. Hugely better results than Sendy with SES!
I've purchased 2 licenses as I thought that since they are each for one domain. However, I have both of these sites on the same VPS server so the IP is the same.
How does the license work? If I install MW on Domain A and on Domain B and both domains/sites are hosted under the same IP, I can use just 1 license?
I just don't understand.
Also, when I want to switch to a different domain (new MW installation but still on same server) do I need to somehow 'reset' the license?

In simple terms, in order to stay on the legal side of things, you need a license for each install you do, regardless if that's on same server/ip/etc, each of your mailwizz instances has to have it's own license in place.
You can control your licenses from your mailwizz customers area, and keep them updated from there.
Please note that right now in your mailwizz customers area, you can set the ip address only, but in future that will slightly chance to add the domain name too ;)

Let me know if still unclear.
Definitely clear, thanks! :)

But if I decide to change domains (but still stay on same IP), do I need to somehow reset the license or something, or just use it in that other MW installation and stop using in the previous one?

Thanks in advance.