Question about deleting campaign delivery log


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I see this was added in v1.4.4: "Added ability to delete the campaign delivery logs and replce them with a static counter to improve performance"

Where can I get more detail about what is happening here? How do I enable this feature and does it have any negative ramifications? What's a static counter?



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@Lakjin - Good question. You should use 1.4.9 for this feature to work properly. You enable it from backend > settings > cron.
The way it works, is that after 5 days a campaign has been sent, we count the delivery logs and the resulted number is then stored as a static number inside the database so when we do the math in many places, we don't count those logs anymore because now we have a static variable instead, which improves performance a lot. We also delete those delivery logs so that we free database space and improve further performance on that table.
The downside is, since we delete the delivery logs, you'll never be able to see them again. Most of the time, this is a trade-off that most people are willing to do afaik.


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anybody can help me in explaining how can i delete campaign delivery logs and delivery server usage logs. I am version earlier then 1.4.9. These logs became huge and causing server to get slow. Please help