Purchasing support through Envato


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With Envato's ridiculous fixed handling fee which applies to all purchases below $70, and the fact the support extensions do not go through the normal basket process and can therefore not be combined with other purchases to reach the threshold (an utterly ludicrous format), there is a rather lame way to save a little bit of money:

Instead of buying a $56 support pack + $2 handling fee for 6 months, I'm buying a brand new license, which comes with 6 months support. I top it up with an extra 6 months for another $24 to get support for a full year for $93, vs. $118 for 12 months if I'd just buy support every 6 months.

The spare license (I really don't need it) will go to waste and the statistics for MailWizz uptake are artificially inflated, especially since I won't be the only one. How stupid. Envato really needs a conceptual overhaul. I wish Mailwizz was sold and supported independently.