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For a while our emails are going in spam with Wanadoo and orange,

Emails goes in inbox with gmail, live etc... .

Do you have an idea why ? We have to change headers or something else ?

Do you have an idea why ? We have to change headers or something else ?
Go to and click on the "Copy the email address" button. This will provide you with a unique email address to which you will send your test campaign, include the test email address provided by in your list.
Send campaign and make sure the content, subject line, and sender details are consistent with your regular campaigns. Once the test campaign is sent, go back to and click on the "Check your score" button. The service will analyze various aspects of your email and provide you with a score, the mail-tester score will give you insights into potential issues affecting your email deliverability.
Why aren't you using https?

Anyway, you can change the track-opening part by setting the application param:
'' => 'to',

BUT, you really need to see why you got this problem in the first place, you should contact them and ask why. If huge providers like gmail and yahoo answer the postmaster emails, they must as well.

Thanks for your reply,

I put this in apps/common/config/main-custom.php

'params' => array(
'' => '',

I have this result :
<a data-unsubtag=3D"_UNSUBSCRIBE_URL_" href=3D"
790c4f46addf32">desc</a><img width=3D"1" height=3D"1" src=3D"http://trackin=
8w035" alt=3D"" />

Is there a way to change the href ?

'params' => array(
'' => '',
This isn't correct, instead of '

You can to use words separated by dashes, i.e: whatever-custom-tracking-segment-you like.

If you want to do the same for url tracking, then you need to set the '' param, so you should have:

'params' => [
        'email.custom.header.prefix' => 'X-',

        ''  => 'tc',
        ''   => 'to',
and use whatever else instead of tc and to, but make sure they are different.

Thanks a lot

I put

'' => 't1-newsletter',
'' => 't2-newsletter',

It works fine for us.