problem with import list (urgent)


Hi i have a problem with import list, i cant import any file, i contact my devloper and he informs me that this problem is a problem of the application and is not a problem of php, i wait your answer since the morning, please If you do not solve this problem I am obliged to leave mailwiz
my version is
i wait it is urgent
mailwizz import.png
As i told you before in the support ticket this is not a problem with mailwizz but with your server, opening new threads or posting on CC will not help! I gave you a link with google results on how to troubleshoot this but that is all i can do for you.

Also, your support expired for a long time now and you still haven't renewed but still asking questions, even more than people with up-to-date support subscriptions, i shouldn't answer you at all because i am wasting time with this neglecting users that did pay for support and that is not fair to them, but still, i am the good guy, on my time, looking into issues that aren't mailwizz related.

Bottom line, fix your server.
the problem isn't in my server php i 'm sure this is problem with mailwizz it is a bug in folder apps please help me because it is a big problem for me Just jet a wink in my folder apps
my devloper and my host provider performed an analysis and they inform me that this is a debug in mailwizz
if i upload the new version, the problem will resolve ?
i add the line (define('MW_FORCE_DEBUG_MODE', true);) in the file apps/init.php
please view the result in screenshot
There you go, see how it says PERMISSION DENIED ?
Make sure the runtime folder is chmoded 0777 recursive!

And please renew your support pack!

P.S: That folder should have been chmoded to 0777 recursive since you have installed the app, but after you removed the apps folder and uploaded it again, of course the folder lost it's permissions, so, who's fault is this ? :)
ok, i resolve the problem after changing the mode write in folder apps/common/runtime/list-import

About the expiration of my forum account: I inform you that I was not informed when i decide to purshase mailwizz by the Forum amount, and I paid in December 2014 an extended license "240 $" Not to fall into the problems of additional payment and I have not found,
Now i discover in the forum
Most members are license expired
No problem, just for you to know that i won't be answering questions to people that don't have an active support package.