Problem with adding Additional header


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Hi, We know that gmail doesn't support FBL, But we can use other method, With adding special header.
We need "Header name" with "List-Unsubscribe"
and with value that point to abuse page or mailto FBL account,
with this method gmail will be appear a link like image below:

I try to add "List-Unsubscribe" header name, But could not be saved ( in delivery server config, other additional headers easily added )
And other question is that , how i can point abuse page in "Header value"?
Mailwizz adds List-Unsubscribe header automatically for you.Send a test email at and look at headers, you'll see the header there ;)
You can do it from an extension with a filter hook like:
function($headers, $campaign, $subscriber, $customer, $server, $emailParams
) {
    $reportAbuseUrl = $options->get('system.urls.frontend_absolute_url');
    $reportAbuseUrl .= 'campaigns/'. $campaign->campaign_uid . '/report-abuse/' . $campaign->list->list_uid . '/' . $subscriber->subscriber_uid;
    $headers['List-Unsubscribe'] = $reportAbuseUrl;

    return $headers;