problem whit mysql and big log file's


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i have a big problem , the mysql has been very big 2 GB that's because the log's are very long
and the log's list are very big's
i try to delete them on the page of :campaigns-delivery-logs , but every time that i delete only 100 logs are been deleteing i have 2077354 results
how to delete all on one time?
and the same problem on bounce-logs
the mysql is stack because of this problem /
thanks for the help
and this is what i see on the db when i try to empty this line :

It's perfectly normal to have such big database because we store a lot of data to show you good stats.
Best thing you can do, is to delete old campaigns. Once you delete old campaigns, at midnight, they will be removed for good and all data associated with these will be removed, that includes all logs ;)

but on the mailwiz system i can only delete one camping at time
how i can delete 10 or more on one time?
For now you can only delete one at a time.
I have implemented bulk delete for next version.