Problem validating delivery server

Hello there.
I'm trying to validate a delivery server but the following alert keeps popping up:


However, I'm 100% sure that the domain has been successfully verified in Amazon, as I've already sent mails from that email address through the Amazon SES API using Swift Mailer in an external script, so it's not a validation problem.

What's even stranger is that when I try to validate the email address '' it works perfectly fine, and that's the only one that works.

I've already verified my Access ID and Secret Access Key, so that isn't what's causing the problem.

Thanks in advance.
However, I'm 100% sure that the domain has been successfully verified in Amazon,
Afaik, sometimes amazon will take a while to propagate the changes on all their servers.
There's nothing we can do about this, as you can see, the error comes directly from amazon.
Hi Twisted,

thank you for your answer.

I am aware that DNS changes and general Amazon changes might take awhile to propagate, yet this shouldn't be the case. It has been long enough, and the domain we are trying to validate has been tested on another software.

We currently have in the list of validated domain names on Amazon SES and we successfully configured a test address inside Mailwizz. Yet we can't seem to get it working with our desired address within the application, is there anything I might be missing? Could it be something within Mailwizz causing the issue?

Thanks in advance!
Check in which AWS region you have verify domain and SMTP host name you have used in Delivery server.

thanks for your reply. Yet, this has been checked and double checked. We have even wrote a simple Swiftmailer script which replicates such connection, and it does work with the address we are trying to include in Mailwizz.
Hello there.
So, we've found a solution for our problem.
Since we had successfully sent emails from the email address we were trying to validate, our guess was that the problem may come from Mailwizz itself. So what we did was hardcode "active" in the database row of the server we were trying to validate and it worked like a charm.
Here's a screenshot of an email we sent:


For now, this is the best solution we could find. Thank you for your answers and I hope this can get fixed soon.

how are you?

It's been a while, yet I just faced this same issue and implemented the solution mentioned previously. It is not pretty and it shouldn't be the case.

Do we have any news on this issue?