Problem sending links in HTML


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Whenever I send a campaign with links in it to my subscribers in HTML format using Mailwizz, the links end up broken once they hit their inbox. Whenever I send the same email in the same format using roundcube it works perfectly fine. This problem only occurred after I send a couple of campaigns to no more than 100 subscriber at a time. Could this be a problem with my mail server, or is it something to do with mailwizz? Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is my first time using mailwizz.
I ran a test on mail-tester a few days ago and it showed that all my links were ending up broken and that my html code was too heavy. I just want to know why all my links result in the same thing, which is: "unable to find" Also, i am using mailgun as my delivery server.
i think is setup in mailgun maybe? And mailgun simply tries to make your links trackable and this is the result...?
if that's the case, just remove that from mailgun, you don't need to have it.
Thanks! That did the trick. Tracking was still enabled on mailgun even though i removed it from my dns settings in godaddy. Thanks again <3