PowerMTA Bounce Processer : Need help to process bounces via Webhook of a PowerMTA SMTP

pradeep sharma

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Hi @twisted1919
I have developed a custom code (bounce processor via accounting file of PowerMTA)of PowerMTA
This Program can post data to a webhook/URL in JSON format. rit now i am only posting bounces/remote bounces to a web-hook in following format.

the Content of the Post DATA is :
"TYPE":"b", //means it is bounce
"REASON":"smtp;550 5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or unnecessary spaces. Learn more at https:\/\/support.google.com\/mail\/answer\/6596 g90si1371474otg.16 - gsmtp",
"HEADER_APP_URL":"http\/\/host.domain.com\/" //application URL where mailwizz is hosted...
I want to create a program to process bounces via this webhook data rather than classical "Read Mail Box Technique " used by Bounce Server setting in Mailwizz..

Just need little help so that we should process bounce in similar manner as it is processed through bounce server.
@twisted1919 can u create a custom a webhook where we can post above data ..and process bounce or guide us to look intp codes Models/view/controllers/ or Function we need to consider while processing bounces.
My Developers good in PHP but new to Yii framwork.

can we write a simple code in Core PHP to update database tables and mark the subscriber as hard bounce/soft bounce directly in respective DATABASE Tables..
Thanks for reply
can u please give me flow of Processing Bounces.. i know upto certain exten as for as understand mailwizz but still need ur guidelines i mean what are the tables/fields which are updated along with log Tables to be append with..
Things to Keep in Mind to process bounces via any webhook...
@pradeep sharma - i think the best example to see how webhooks work and how they take actions against subscribers is to look in the apps/frontend/controllers/DswhController.php file. That's all there is to the webhook processor and you have plenty examples there ;)
PMTA Bounce Processor via accounting file in real time is DONE & tested...
Bounced are proceeded instantaneously without delay...

Thanks for your help...