Possible Drag & Drop Editor/Builder


How hard do you think it would be to implement a html email builder or add this as a plugin?

Most email marketing providers have the html builder within their application, Is this a possible feature to be able to custom add as appose to using ckeditior.

I'm hoping to be able to integrate a drag & drop html builder into the app.

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.

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@twisted1919 , The original content builder looks all well and good and to be fair i think a completed upto date version of that would be an excellent add-on / feature.

However that said, Should you build a very effective by easy to use drag and drop builder or maybe even base it on ones that are already pre-built on codecanyon.. Giving the application the much used feature of a beginner email marketing user/client looking to build their own email templates without any coding experience what so ever enabling mailwizz to run as competition to the other marketing platforms available online today.. I can almost guarantee you that every single one of your mailwizz customers/purchasers will buy the additional add-on to enable their mailwizz platform become a great completion to the other marketing platform providers solely down to just having a very easy but professional, effective and reliable (Drag and Drop) html email template builder.

I fully understand that Investing the additional time to build such add on that has its own built in features, extras and so on.. comes with its own imprecations and timing consuming efforts, but i also strongly believe it will give mailwizz a huge unique selling point on codecanyon and not only that but as i said most buyers will purchase the add-on that will only result in one final outcome.. More cash in your bank account ;)

One suspects that the old saying (Speculate to accumulate) is greatly true in this prospecting addition to mailwizz :)

Just please hurry up and build it as my Minimum of $30 (MW Drag & Drop Email Builder) add-on fee is awaiting your collection haha ;)


This is from a designer/developers point of view and as someone who has used Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor extensively in the past and currently.

From the screenshots it looks like this is perhaps a little long winded and counter productive, not to take anything away from the hard work going on here and I may be wrong, but this is an opinion of someone who codes/designes emails and is looking for the quickest and easiest way to implement editable content blocks for a client.

The beauty of using Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor is when you are coding a template locally you can use their very easy and quick to implement template language inside your code which when uploaded to one of these services then allows certain content blocks that you specify in the code to be editable, variable and repeatable in the front end visual editor and that is literally all I would have to do.

Knowing the template language which to be fair is very straight forward as there is only a hand full of template tags but the power behind each of these tags makes my life much easier and the clients. I basically just implement the template tags in my code and mailchimp or Campaign monitor does the rest meaning I have more time to spend on design and development.

From looking at the screenshots here it looks like you would have to code/split your template into blocks(snippets) and it doesn't look like that can be done per template, just categories? Correct me if im wrong though. And then allows the client to do what the want with them which in turn and from experience is not great and you soon end up with broken emails.

Say I have only certain elements that I want the client to edit and they can only move them around in certain areas of the template is that possible and will you have a template language for developers or will we manually have to create blocks of content through snippets which will inevitably disrupt workflow and take longer to do?

Many thanks