Possible Bug - Moving Subscribers to a List Overwrites Custom Field Values

Alex Read

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Has anybody else found that when you move subscribers between two lists SOME custom field values get overwritten.

1) It moves subscribers fine.
2) Some custom fields pass values from 1 list to the other fine.
3) Many custom field values DON'T get passed & get overwritten.

See video here: https://www.useloom.com/share/47f8faa3039d45b29aebfab21bf7c99e

Has anybody else had this or any idea what might cause this?

Moving a subscriber to a list which already contains that subscriber, will overwrite the data in the target table, is expected.
1) The list it's moving to, doesn't contain the subscriber.
2) If it is moving it over, it's not passing the info over to overwrite either.

I was hoping it would pass the custom field data. It passes some of the custom field data, but not others. (see in video - sent count, open count, and lead status, autodetected country fields) when it moves them to the list these variables don't get passed at all!
Thanks. I've shared details on a ticket with you if you need server access or to replicate it. (I've replicated it a few times)
Okay, so quick update:
#1 - I'll have @laurentiu check this and see what he can find, last time when we tested the move operation, it worked just fine, so @laurentiu please check it and let me know.
#2 - I just checked the code, and you need to have the fields in the second list if you want the information to be copied, otherwise mailwizz will copy only the fields that it can find in both lists, it will not create the missing ones.
#1) Thanks!
#2 - I just checked the code, and you need to have the fields in the second list if you want the information to be copied
Can you explain a bit more?
I have the same fields in both lists. I've triple checked this.
@Alex Read - Do you realize that if you do like yo did above then the subscriber will be moved right after the email has be send which means that any future click or opens will not count since this subscriber is not part of the list anymore?
I want to make sure you are understand this.
The issue is:
1) There's no easy way to split test headings.
So I have to use a custom field (SubjectTest1, etc) So I create segments of this.
I also want to know the open rates of each lead source (so have separate lists for each)
2) Then I need to send chaser emails to people. (most AR software handles this nicely) - so I figured the easiest would be to have this as it's own list.
@Alex Read - I tested the move operation and it worked just fine.
Only in one case the values from custom fields are not overwritten, when custom fields are not identically. For example if in "list 1" you have custom fields "example" which is dropdown in list were you want to move you need to have da same custom field "example" which is dropdown and with the same select option values.
@Alex Read - All fields inserted for this action -> Change subscriber custom field value upon campaign open will not be overwritten in list OutreachSent because this fields will be change after campaigns is open. This fields are: Detected Country, Lead Status, Last Open Date, Open Count