Please improve sending to multiple lists

Sending to multiple lists is very difficult.
I have a client with 36 separate lists and he frequently sends to all and subsets depending on what he is sending.

Currently you have to add multiple lists separately, this is tedious if you have to send to multiple lists.

Can we have an interface where we can select all or multiple lists by either a checkbox or shift & right-click.

For list segments - a drop down where you can select shift & right click. The default is the full list.
@Kerry Panchoo - I know, i know, i explained before, sending to multiple list is a feature that shouldn't be in mailwizz at all, but i have made a compromise and here's the result, only headaches.
I need to do something with this feature, i just am not sure how to go against it for now.
I'm not sure why you wouldn’t want sending to multiple lists- a lot of my clients have and send to multiple lists.

I've used a fair bit of EMM such as oceth, sendy, awebdesk and interspire email marketer- and there are a few ways to solve this problem

the complication you've got involves the list segments. I don't use this feature, but i can see its use.

I tried uploading a wireframe i knocked up to show you what your interface should look like but the site is not allowing to upload the image- but here it is:

I'd really like to see this feature sooner than later.