please help to set up limits


How to set limits.I she spends as he wants, I'm not che did not understand how it works - like a drunk girl. Setting up campaigns at once-reduces the company and sends 1/2 letter, remove, put 150 subscribers to work out, 50 companies, sends 3/4 letters. I do not fight do not understand the essence of the program. Is boring really. Poke poke her whatever. My goal: 50 servers, 30000000 delay, 20 mailing lists, 20 servers on each of the mailings (I need except for the mile don't give a shit that buggy is running a mile a visa). 30 servers system on these 20 newsletters support. I understand you MTA use to you in a big way drove there hundreds of thousands and limit - at me the configuration does not allow, really the program cannot cope with an elementary task.? Someone help me? The references in the tracker does not turn into a complete madhouse. Tracker on kname killed quickly-not provided-stupid!!!! Me crazy beret - response limit not (in the development of type write). rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
@ltdviso - To be honest is not entirely our fault we can't understand what you mean, though i know @laurentiu has tried a lot.
You should hire someone that speaks both english and russian to help you go through this, we can really only speak english.

Also, you will be banned from the forums if you don't keep a decent language.
why is the total limit reset when moving a user from a group to a group? AAAAAAAAAA
That's normal, each group has it's own limits. When you move a customer in another group, you also have to give hime the rights and permissions of that group.
it's not normal to critically kick-ass how? Hell with him already. Set up one group for example - work dude you have norms - gave him 50 0000 letters, he sent 25 000 and started to spam to go or spam, he such times, the guy until you solve the problem-limit you and transferred to another group. And here on you him still 50,000 gift letters. What is the logic?
what You have a forum why not available online, though You predstavlyaete how hard for me to write through all sorts of strange sites.. Oooooh

Give me information on the limits of please
@ltdviso - you have to understand this is an english forum. We're here from different countries and english is the language which most people speak, so if you need help you will have to speak in english for us to understand.

I am trying to understand your issue, so let me make sure i got this right.
You have given 50k emails to a customer group, the customer sent 50k, and then paused because emails went to spam. Then you moved the customer to another group, right ? And now he still has 50k emails, correct ?
I'm going to say the last thing, don't be offended, and bear in mind that the translation may be bad. In Russia there is Your program and zero, and so sell and cheaper. I bought it from the copyright holder just because you could actually help me. While I do not see the difference between the zero version of the license - this advice is not a reproach! :) Godspeed.

I'm new. Can of course I have hands curves, but you should agree for this and need a support.
Yes, the meaning You have understood. Yes, and it's a small thing but not pleasant. I'm interested in the limit. I can not seem to understand how they will put me a week honestly took crazy already. There is no logic not what in is that I give what the limits. I don't know what's going on.
By the way this is not my jamb that I have to use more and anonymizer - it complicates the conversation. Work for the world-observe accesses, do not become as those who are indifferent to the geographical market segments.
I read everything You have about the limits - the latest I rested in the fact that You promised it would later describe. My configuration is slightly not the same as the guys who got basically send me important fine tuning and otrabotka limits it mail wiz. I like Your program, I do not want to change it
just describe the article about limits and their relationship, you have a lot of limits, it is Important to think for many users. And there already go snort themselves. I don't know how now to set the limits correctly - meyan all servers or just jamming in General does not send. (no MTA I have). How does Adjust campaigns at once work? I noticed it only cuts me - but the difference in the volume of companies sent at the same time does not correct. One user sends 3000 / 1500 for example - some servers, some kastrioti.
@ltdviso - The limits are super simple, i have no idea what makes it difficult for you.
If you set a limitation like this:
Screenshot 2018-06-26 09.31.14.png
It means the customer quota is valid for one month, and in that one month, if the customer sends the 50k emails in a day, then the rest of the month nothing will happen, the customer will not be able to send any more emails.

If you change the settings as:
Screenshot 2018-06-26 09.32.28.png
Then the customer will still not be able to send any emails BUT at the end of the month, the quota will be restarted and he will still be able to send other 50k emails for that month, and so on.

If you don't want to wait for the quota to expire:
Screenshot 2018-06-26 09.33.47.png
Then it means if the customer sends 50k, then the quota resets to 0, then he sends 50 k, and then resets to 0, and so on.

When you move the customer to another group if the quota is reached, then the customer will inherit the quota of that particular group, and it will start from 0.

That's all there is to sending quota, as i said, it's super simple. If you can't get this basic concept, i have no idea how else to explain you, maybe simply hire someone to help you setup mailwizz for you properly. Or a translator.

Now, i will close this thread because you are going offtopic.
I consider everything was explained properly.
As here is exile put a? look at the report it is a direct link outside the server.
the server is not configured for errors do not look. What am I doing wrong? - it's a straight path to ruin and the site and server. This is also not provided?
You are listed in blacklists, you have sent too fast most likely.

If you read the report from the above link, you will be able to correct all the issues, none which is caused by mailwizz.
Again, it seems you don't know what you are doing. Hire someone to help you.
@ltdviso - one more thing, remember that when you create a delivery server, you can set it's quota, hourly / daily and monthly.
You can also set a pause after each email that goes out.
These all help you not get in blacklists and spam boxes.
Yes link view, pojalusta. Do you Yong understand the translation? The server is not configured I know. The link does not turn into a tracker!!!!!!!!!!!!!