Please help :-), pretty please


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Hi all.
We need some help on sending speeds.
Our MW is installed on a VPS server. A pretty decent one.
From all my tests, I can get about 15k/hr emails out but I need to get it higher - more like 40k/hr.

I've put send settings in cron/customers/groups to 10k/10k/pause 1 sec but I'm imagining this is the limit of our server because it gets nowhere near that.

So how do I speed things up?
Happy to get 1/2 more servers if necessary? Does that mean we could use all servers at once and therefore 3 might equal 45k/hr for example?

Sorry if this is a bit 'simplistic' but a little new to the server end of things and would really appreciate some help.

Happy to pay for help if anyone out there can!!