Please explain to me about the limits


Buddy, I need your help. Tell us at least a little how to set up limits.

I do not like can not make a uniform sending to all my companies, always in different ways, and rarely get normal.
I still do not understand what limits regulate what and how they affect delivery.
limits tried all the algorithms in different ways

1) - I have a total of 34 companies, every day some rest some work. Work sometimes 20, sometimes 28, sometimes 30
2) - each company has its own 1 sending server
3) - (!) all 34 have 25 system servers-heated
every day what the server can relax some operate as companies and system

I need an average of each company's daily limit of 2-3000 emails, with an average speed of 6 emails per minute, 10 seconds between emails.

May the first back is to level the total volume of companies. Each company has a different volume per day, and for some reason I can not achieve 2000+ per day for one company

what the function means - Adjust campaigns at once - it always makes 10 companies

give your advice
the current settings are - very low sent, and not all of the company - (I tried already different)


I did not correctly ask the question correctly.
I meant the following.
1 - limits for the group - apply to each user from the group individually or to a common group.
for example: in a group of 10 users.
- Hourly quota - for a group or each user in a group?
- Subscribers simultaneously 50 if I put in the group settings, 50 letters will be divided into all 10 users or each user will be processed by 50 subscribers?
- Sending simultaneously * and Email per minute * - for example 100 is divided into all 10 users in the group? Or each user is allowed to send 100.

And what does sending mean at the same time? - Since the crown is processed every minute - it means per minute, depending on the server settings? Or not taking into account server settings in delays.
For example, the server should be sent with a delay of 20 000 000 - it means he can send only 6 letters in 20 seconds.
* For him it is in the group (for the user whose server) 100 sending at the same time. So 100 per minute will be sent?

My volume does not provide an opportunity to track the interaction of limits, I myself could not figure it out in a few months because the figures of even the same limit are always different day by day.

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- which means the function Adjust campaigns at once * - it always puts 10 companies. She as they alternately puts?
Campaigns simultaneously * - I understand how all companies I can work out at the same time. this is for all companies in the mail visas are divided?

Subscribers at the same time * - are distributed to all companies in a mail visa on the same limits of subscribers in groups?

Sending at the same time - I'm confused by this option - I could talk about it.

It seems to me at setting of values 0 - where 0 to disconnect productivity falls than at installations 1000 for example .. Can at me the translation not correct in the program? my value translates as 0 to disable the limit and I understand it - send the maximum possible.

Memory limit - affects the performance of sending?

Maybe you can give me an answer to my question, it may not sound right.
When I start sending out at 20+ companies on Monday - I have a high conversion of clicks and responses, while on Tuesday and Wednesday and until Friday - efficiency is reduced.

Just want to note - that you need to consider the work of the software, we see the server performance.

At the same time, the companies seem to work, they send (of course I do not understand the limit, but the volume is like a uniform +/-)
In the queue, there are no letters on the servers.

How can dumaesh buddy what's the problem so that I can start studying it?