Plain Text and Disable Logging


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I want to test a plain text ONLY email. I know I can choose to auto-generate the plaintext version or edit it manually. In another forum thread you refer to a drop-down that would make the template plaintext only, but I cannot find that. I have checked the backend and there doesn't seem to be a switch for me to enable that. Can you please advise?

Also, is there a way to disable the debugging or superfluous logs to make the delivery faster once everything has been tested to work ok?

Many thanks!
Thanks. Is this the only log that can be enabled/disabled? Is there any other log that can be safely disabled to speed up deliveries?
And thanks about the plain text screenshot. I hadn't enabled the plaintext option in the previous step so that dropdown wasn't showing. All good now with that.
Thanks, very helpful.
Does this flag mean it would send to addresses who have unsubscribed or bounced? Or what exactly would it disable?
YEs, thanks, that much I presumed. The question was what the blacklist is? In normal parlance, a blacklist would be when the server has been blacklisted because of spam. But I believe on MailWizz you use the term to mean something different?
@Hector - Blacklist means email addresses that the application should never mail to again. Look in backend > email blacklist. That is the global blacklist.