PHP Session Data

Jamie Whittingham

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Hi @twisted1919

So here is what im trying to setup .....

I want a web server in the USA and another in Europe. Each will have its own DB Server sat next to each web server. the DB servers are in a master <-> master configuration and already syncing perfectly.

Now, I have both web server's installed and configured with MW and they are both looking at the same clustered DB which is synced to both MariaDB nodes.

Now, the only thing I can see stopping this GEO based setup (so customers in the UK will hit the EU server instead of of the US server node) is the PHP sessions.

Now, I know I can run PHP sessions directly fromSQL instead of using the /tmp dir .........

How does MW store PHP sessesion data and how hard would it be to migrate this to store the session data inside the main MW database.

This would open some serious options for multi MW node deployment :D

Thanks mate