Php GD extension


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could i use mailwizz without GD extension?
Wich impact or issue can i have in normal work?
I do some test and appear all ok with image / template but i prefer ask :)
GD is used for image manipulation, like when you resize a large image.
My advise is to have it.
ok, thanks for explanation twisted1919.
1 question ( tel me il you want a new post ) : where i can change the abuse form? I have searched in all settings without find it.
Thanks again
Yeah, i was afraid of that :p
Thing is these forms aren't really editable, you can load your own js/css if you wish and do the changes from there, but that's all we allow.
If you create a file called style-custom.css in /frontend/assets/css and a file called app-custom.js in /frontend/assets/js then mailwizz will automatically load those.