Per Campaign Suppression File

Thank you.. Is it possible to increase sending limmit per hour/min? And If I do will that effect the current campaigns in the queue? Im currently stuck at 100emails a min.
What version is this? Im on - That being said what version can I upgrade to and how do I upgrade? Thanks for answering these questions.
I tried your max post size method im im getting just this as the error.

Error, aborting the import process!
Error, aborting the import process!
Of course you do :D
Most likely you have set huge numbers for importing in Backend > Settings > Import/Export.
Remember that mailwizz works in batches, so lower numbers work better.
Thank you... Last question how hard would it be to make the tag [EMAIL_MD5]
Im quessing custom tags are plain text. Is their a way I can do this in the actual code?
It's just some people want to hash certain data, and this is what this does, creates a 32 chars length hash from the given tag value.
Mh, so is this safer or faster or used for any verification or...please tell me what the utility is in it, I am missing something here (or I forgot?), sorry :oops: