Paused Campaign continue sending


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I installed today the new version of Mailwizz

I tried to send a campaign to test the sending speed without Redis Queue.

These are my settings

The speed seems good but I'm not able to pause the campaign.
I tried to kill the php processes (via shell) but the processes are recreated and the sending continue even if I pause the campaign as soon as it's started.

Can you help me to understand if I do something wrong?
I'm trying to send using a Mandrill account.

Yesterday I read also this discussion:

I discovered I had the same issue with multiple email sent.
I tried to install the new SendCampaignCommand.php and the multiple email has been solved but now the sending is very slow.

I think we can continue discussion on the other thread ... it's ok?


I know I have to move from Mandrill but I use it (until I can) just for testing.
With mandrill you can pause sending and queue emails. In this way I'm able to do my tests without sending "real" emails.

Do you know any other service providing such kind of functionality?